The Laundry: Operation Group God Game Green

The Transfer Notice
Goddamned Budget Reshuffles...

You come into work this morning, tired, and head for your designated fabric-covered personal hell. You’d not been assigned anything special, a badly decorated flat in a big tower block, and your roles have all been administrative for quite some time. So, you had signed, and sent off the form requesting acceptance into the field agent program. (Form 235-13: Request for Transfer to Active Duty.)

Today, there is a worrying sight on your desk. Your stuff is gone, cleared out. And a single piece of paper lies there, folded.

Inside is the short message:

Transfer Approved.
Assigned to Active Service, the Department of Ways and Means
Field Manager: Pierce Merrywaithe
Report to Sub Basement 2, Section T. All contents of this cubicle are already there.

… Well, this is an EXCELLENT start to a lousy sodding day. And you’ve not even had a morning pick me up.


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