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Her Majesty’s Occult Service. Internal Wiki. (Proposed)

Capital Laundry Service’s IT department has insisted that all non-classified data should be put into the Intranet Wiki. This will help us reach our target of reducing paper copies of the same forms, repeatedly, and thus cut the expenditures on paper, and printer supplies.

OPS GROUP ACL, known codewords:
Game Andes
Black Moon

Ops Group Files:

Mission 1, Briefing

Housing Contract

Below is the index for the internal wiki.

Form Database
Grades within Capital Laundry Services

Department of Auditing
Department of Ways and Means

And wouldn’t you know it, this wiki got left in development hell. Now all that’s left here are us poor plebs. All the managers went back to paper a week after the project started, so now all that’s here are the snarky gits.
{And IT Services.}