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Accidents happen. Sometimes, things slip through the edges, between worlds.

You, you poor, unlucky bastards, glimpsed it. Some of you are what fell through the gaps in reality. So, you were drafted into Her Majesty’s Occult Service, to try and stop any other incidents like this. It’s like trying to hold back the tide somedays. Except the paperwork. There, you’ll literally be holding back the tide. We’re never sure which is worse.

Welcome to the Laundry!

And may whatever deity you believe in have mercy on your souls.

Aside from the OOC sections, this wiki is intended to be written fully in character. Let’s see how well that works out.

Important Pages:
Intro Page Obsidian’s Intro Page, a few quick things about setting up the wiki.
OOC Root The root of all OOC knowledge and plans.
IC Root The root of all IC managerial guff and lists and memos, and filed reports.